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Wire(less) Connections

Wire(less) Connections, Isreal Museum Jrrusalem. Group show.Installation: “Set Table”,  


To move or not to move



חלל המיצב


Evarything that was ours The tension between sequence and fragment, and between construction and dconstructione at the core of Dvora Morag’s art. Through the transformations occuring in the transition from one medium to another- be ...


The (non) Domestic Poem Curator: Ktzia Alon ,Jerusalem Artist House,20/12/14 – 14/2/15

The (non) Domestic Poem Curator: Ktzia Alon


“Acourche’ – flaying”

The “Acourche’ – flaying” series is composed of large scale fabric figures made from only one white cotton sheet, folded and hand stitched which hover between sculpture and drawing revealing the textile qualities: tactility, flexibility ...


Children Come Home, Tribute to Edith Samuel

  Edith Samuel – Soft Sculpture Pioneer Edith Samuel, (1097 -1963) born in Essen, Germany studied art at the Folkwang School in Essen and the Dusseldorf Academy of Art.  In 1939 Samuel left Berlin for ...


Zeitgeist, installation

The installations Dvora Morag makes revolve around time and its physical manifestation in the material.


And thous shalt tell thy daughter

An image from the video, link to article about the exhibition: http://www.zochrot.org/en/content/table-set-none


Biology Lessons

לילית 2014

Slip of Tongue

The small works are hybrids of small objects I had in my studio



Mother doughter realationship



These works were done with boards that went out of use. I got them from the house printing next to my studio, as printing became digital they had to close. I dedicate the works to some old books that I had read in the past.



Language, values ​​and culture imprinted in us from early childhood by stories, legends and myths that shape our mind.


Baking Yeast, Installation, Dana Gallery Yad-Mordehai Curator: Ravit Harari

The exhibition was constructed as a dialogue between me and the Kibbutz. As the Art Gallery used to be the old Kibbutz’ bakery my personal memories and images concern bread and ovens joint baking memories ...


Wall, 2012 “Wall”, Installation, in “Testing Out the Tools” Festival, Tel-Aviv.

2012 "Wall", Installation, in "Testing Out the Tools" Festival, Tel-Aviv.This installation was made out of hundreds of notes I had collected on summer 2012 demonstrations in Tel-Aviv. I had established a site for people's adversities.


Side effects – Installation,

The installation consists of white drawings with oil stick on black fabric, two-dimensional images and objects that are connected and linked by strings in space, continuing the lines of the drawings. Doors signify relationship between the eyes and feet between viewing and walking.


History of Silence, installation, 2010

The concept of "home” directly and indirectly touches the political.


Life book project,The Parents Circle’s Bereaved Israeli-Palestinian Women’s Art Group

20 Palestinian and Israeli woman are expressing their story in a way, women now meet to prepare the booklet contains photos, and other items that represent key points in their lives. Artist Dvora morag accompanies the women.


Duo installation.

Duo installation. Artist Pavilion Gallery, Tel – Aviv



Murdered This special  installation was done in collaboration with Tel-Aviv municipality in the conference in behalf the prevention of women´s murder by family members, which took place in the cinematheque square in Tel Aviv.


“Decoration Committee”

“Decoration Committee”, Holocaust project, 2006″ I used stenciled cutout with colored Cellophane to cover the window at Dizengof Center mall. This way of decoration was used at school in holydays as Hanukah. In this work ...

Dvora Morag - דבורה מורג

Self Portrait of Lovely Artist

Self Portrait Self portrait by definition represents subjectivity through likeness and other visual equivalence. The sculptures casted in polyester resin originated from a single casting of my own head. All those head images represent ways ...


light Works !

The light functions as preliminary condition for seeing. Lighting is a dominant component in these works as an image, metaphor and as illumination. Light is always an expression of the sublime as well as a ...

7.1.13 010

Pulling the strings


Family Package

All these objects are wrapped with rough linen or jute, which I sew very tight, by handwork.



About tables “Set -Table”. In this work there are 14 sets of dishes, wrapped and stitched with burlap, hanging from the ceiling with fine wires, arranged according to the table setting rules, while the table ...


Landscape Images

“Landscape image” – Installation 2002 – 2004 Landscape image is not only a painting concept but also a geographic one that deals with territory and power. The “ cross breeding”, that takes place in this ...




Home Paintings

Home landscape


Line By Line

Series "line by line", based on a set of rules: the painting begins recording in black and white, which I process logic computers - binary. The color lines are made by hand with oil or acrylic paint.


After Midnight

These paintings are based on night photographs, inviting us to enter Morag’s private space in a different manner.